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My name is Jose Zepeda and I would like to share a bit of the history behind our company. My company began as an adventure with two of my closest childhood friends. It all began in 2010 when we decided to open a repair shop since one of them had the ability to fix car doors. We noticed that it wasn’t going well and had one of the friends back out of the business. We continued and decided to open another shop. The new shop was opened in Tucson, Arizona, but since my friend had stayed to work at the last shop I kept the new shop closed for about 3 months. The reason to why it remained closed was because I wasn’t familiar with how to fix the car doors so I set my mind to start learning on my own. After opening my shop, it turned into my passion. People started coming to me about how frustrated they were with their doors not opening, or windows not going up nor down. As I sat in my waiting room one day I had an elderly customer who seemed very gloomy due to the fact that the only way to be able to open her door was to either open from the outside or to have to cross over to the passenger side of the car. We immediately offered her our services and gave her a price she instantly replied with a “yes of course”. Her car was fixed within 30 minutes. The reaction on her face I received that day was fulfilling. I have always been the type to want to help everyone in any way possible. As I have noticed people have always over paid for car services or pay for a job that was never well done. As of now I do take my business really seriously and so I have opened more shops while my business grew bigger and my sister Roxana Zepeda has helped me achieve my success. The reason why this business came all together was from all the support I had from satisfied customers, family, and friends. Also I will like to give a big thanks to my biggest supporters which are my parents Hector and Guadalupe Zepeda, who believed in me and my brother Hector Zepeda. Thank you for taking your time.

Sincerely yours

Jose Zepeda

CEO of Power Windows Solutions